The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau, also known as Visit The Woodlands, voted Wednesday to remove the six Waterway Cruisers from the waterway after they were damaged last year during Hurricane Harvey.

The Woodlands CVB Chairman Bruce Rieser said removing the boats would be more beneficial that simply repairing them.

"As we've been going through this process, we've already had the boats appraised," Rieser said. "The current boats have negative terminal value and the cost to refurb[ish] each of these boats is anywhere from $120,000 to $200,000 per boat for renovation. The board... has come to the conclusion that they've reached the end of their useful life and the only appropriate step from here on out is to dispose of the vessels."

The board will contract with Florida-based company MGSIII Maritime for a cost not to exceed $60,000 to remove the boats with a large crane and transport them.

According to a proposal from MGSIII Maritime, the removal will take approximately two 8-hour days and the project could take about a month from start to finish. A specific timeline for removal has not been announced.

The Woodlands CVB President Nick Wolda said the CVB has been working to identify a new type of water vessel to replace the cruisers once they are removed. A request for interest proposal was submitted earlier this year.

"We had aggressively issued two different requests for interest: one was to take boats away and dispose of the boats, and then also introduce some new concepts," Wolda said. "We had a couple of proposals—we do not have anything on a new boat concept at this time, but we do have something on the disposal."