Six Montgomery County residents launched their organic food manufacturing business, Third Coast Organic Foods, on May 4 at 8750 Fawn Trail, Ste. A-4, Conroe.

The business offers a variety of sugar-free organic wine vinaigrette salad dressings, with flavors such as raspberry wine, lemon mustard, classic red wine, balsamic Italian, and haute pepper.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed creating this new business with my family over the past year. It was a tedious year-long process to obtain our USDA Organic Certification but we did it," partner Kathy Sanders said in a press release. "Within that year we successfully produced a product ready to market. We are proud of our delicious dressings, which are lovingly packaged by hand, and we can’t wait to see where the future takes us."

Following the initial online e-commerce, Sanders said the group aims to diversify their offerings with items, such as gift packages, marinades. and sugar-free cocktail mixers. They aim to eventually have a presence in local farmers markets and area grocers. 832-585-0709.