Data on home sales in The Woodlands area ZIP codes shows that 35 homes sold for $1 million or higher in July 2022 as of information provided Aug. 5. In comparison, only two homes under $200,000 were sold in July in the same ZIP codes. The highest number of homes sold in July were in the $200,000-$399,999 price range in the 77386 ZIP code, similar to previous months. A total of 66 homes sold in that price range in 77386, higher than the previous month, when 57 homes were sold in that range. A total of 182 homes sold in that price range across all seven ZIP codes, up from 173 the previous month. The next highest number of houses sold was in the 77385 ZIP code in the same price range, where 34 homes sold, a trend consistent with previous months. The greatest increase in median home price from June 2021 to June 2022 was in the 77381 ZIP code, where the median value increased by 25.22% from $450,000 to $563,500.

Data is provided by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.Premier Properties.