Jeff Vargo, co-owner and general manager of DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen in The Woodlands, said many homeowners are looking for ways to improve functionality and design at home. DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen has been remodeling kitchens and bathrooms nationally since 1975.

Is there a high demand for remodeling right now?

Yes, absolutely. There’s certainly increased demand with things leading into the pandemic, where folks were spending more time within their homes and able to save more money with less expenses from travel and things they may have typically been doing. Now, they’ve been prepared to invest that money back into their home, wanting to improve some of their spaces— certainly within their kitchens and their bathrooms.

What are some things people should know about the process when going into a home renovation?

We strongly encourage people to really think about what their needs are for the project. Certainly you have the utility aspects, but then you have the aspects of how it looks and feels. Getting familiar with what some of the options are in the marketplace. And then after doing some research on what those are, there are some resources like the National Kitchen and Bath Association that offers kind of general budget ranges for projects. We always tell clients there’s pretty good ranges from one project to the next based on the size of the home or the finishes that one would like to put into their projects. [They can consider] what they believe their budget will be on the front end and then working within that budget with their partner in design and build on the model.

Jeff Vargo

Co-owner and general manager

DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen of The Woodlands

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