The Oak Ridge North City Council members March 11 approved a temporary shared parking agreement with Oak Ridge Baptist Church to use some city parking spaces for the church.

The details

As construction begins around City Hall for the realignment of Robinson Road, City Manager Heather Neeley said a shared parking agreement is needed between the city and Oak Ridge Baptist Church to allow members of the church to use City Hall parking spots as necessary.

“A lot of people from our court use [the church’s] parking lot, and they use ours,” Neeley said. "This is just to put it in writing so that we're not liable if somebody falls or somebody slips ... especially having the construction.”

Council member Rick Moffatt expressed concern over the limited amount of parking space available at City Hall, and the fact the city will soon lose rights to the area along Hanna Road as it is handed over as part of the Robinson Road realignment project. However, Neeley said the agreement would just provide in writing the use of parking. The agreement took place immediately, city officials said.

Quote of note

“Once it's out of our hands, we just have to notice [Oak Ridge Baptist Church] that we don't own it anymore, and they'll have to either make an agreement with the new owner or not use it,” Neeley said.