Shenandoah City Council received an update regarding the Tamina infrastructure project during its Nov. 15 meeting, highlighting progress on the joint effort to bring water and sewer to the community.

What you need to know

According to Bleyl Engineering officials, the project is still on track to be completed by 2026, and the city is moving forward toward the final purchase of the Old Tamina Water Supply Corporation.

The water rates from Old Tamina Water Supply run an average of $38.38 a month for water services, City Attorney Bill Ferebee said during the meeting. However, the city expects to only bill $20.91 per average household once construction is complete in 2026.

According to Bleyl Engineering officials, there are 277 water meters in the Tamina area, and they have all been located and will be replaced as Phase 2 of construction starts in late 2024.

A total of 57 fire hydrants will also be installed community wide.

Quote of note

“Staff [are] doing the review as we speak," Ferebee said. "You have it and then as the surveying is complete, so if things move along like planned, we will be in construction for the remainder of the project, which will include the entire Tamina community east and west of the railroad."

How we got here

Following a joint effort between Montgomery County and the city, $21 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds were allocated to bring in new water and sewer infrastructure in the community of Tamina. An additional $550,000 was allocated by the city to fund additional grant efforts.

What’s next

The city is planning to host a workshop meeting with leadership in the Tamina community on Dec. 6 at 5:30 p.m. at city hall. The workshop will address progress and answer any community questions.