Shenandoah City Council discussed receiving around $650,000 in federal aid established by the American Rescue Plan Act during a May 12 meeting.

Shenandoah Finance Director Lisa Wasner said because the city is a non-entitlement city by having less than 50,000 residents, Shenandoah is anticipating to receive the funding in late June.

"We are still getting more information from the treasury," Wasner said. "They just released their guidelines the other day. I am working ... on narrowing down what these funds can be used for."

Wasner said she knows the funds will need to be spent by 2024. According to preliminary information released by the Internal Revenue Service, the funds can preliminarily be used for COVID-19 expenditures, including assistance to small businesses; households; and hard-hit industries and investments in water, sewer and broadband services.

Shenandoah Mayor Ritch Wheeler said he would like to have more information about what helping small businesses will encompass.

Wasner said she hopes to have more information about what the funding can be used for by the council's next meeting on May 26.