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Ask a Realtor Mike Kruse[/caption]

Local Realtors answer questions about trends and offer tips to homebuyers and sellers considering buying or selling a home in or around The Woodlands.

Mike Kruse
RE/MAX The Woodlands & Spring

What are some examples of easy weekend landscaping projects to boost a home’s curb appeal?

Sometimes, it’s best to remove a shrub or tree from in front of your home if it has grown too large for the space. We get so used to seeing it that we fail to see how large it has grown. Stand back and take a critical look at the front yard and pretend this is a house you’ve never seen before. If trimming it back isn’t feasible, just remove it and replace it with one  the right size. It can really enhance your home’s curb appeal.

In terms of outdoor lighting, what are the best places to highlight or focus on for both curb appeal and safety? 

For safety, always lighting the entry as well as the walk-up to the entry. Spend a little extra on the lighting fixtures closest to the entry door if you want to impress guests. Spotlights illuminating the front of the home placed at the base of the front landscaping or the base of trees in the front yard can also dress up the yard’s nighttime appearance.

What are some innovative fixtures that could be used for exterior lighting?

Solar lighting has been popular for quite a while and is very easy to install. The lights need to be replaced every few years when the solar cells start to deteriorate, but it can really dress up a walkway or a garden space for little expense. For a more permanent solution, hire an electrician to install LED walkway lighting. LED lights use much less electricity than conventional lighting.

Ask a Realtor Outdoor lighting techniques[/caption]

There are a variety of techniques that can be used to boost a home’s curb appeal by using outdoor lighting. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Highlight a home’s trees.

Trees can be highlighted from below or given notice by a light mounted in the tree.

2. Use uplights to highlight architectural and landscaping features.

Uplighting can be more dramatic than the expected downward light.

3. Focus on the entryway.

The entryway is the main point of the house and should draw attention.

4. Add lighting to plantings along a pathway.

By adding lights to plantings, this can break up the look of too many lights alongside a sidewalk.

5. Vary the fixtures around the yard or patio.

Try to use a wide range of lights for variety.

6. Stick to warm light to showcase the house.

Avoid a variety of colors to highlight details.