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Kathy Montes

Kathy Montes Real Estate

What is an HOA, and what are common covenants and restrictions made by the group?

A homeowners association is a volunteer group of neighbors charged with enforcing the covenants, conditions and restrictions of townhomes, condos and single-family homes. CC&Rs are used to protect property values, ensure safety and maintain the overall aesthetics of a neighborhood or building. A few examples would be architecture, maintenance and fence restrictions.

What legal power does an HOA have, and what is the procedure for filing a grievance regarding a rule or regulation?

HOAs have broad legal powers to collect fines, fees, assessments and to regulate activities. If you are found in violation of any of the ordinances or mandates set by the HOA, you could be fined by the association. The HOA has the authority to apply fees to your property tax liability.

What should a resident know about becoming part of an HOA board, and what are the duties?

When a board position becomes available, most HOAs attempt to fill the opening by notifying HOA members and asking for interested parties to contact the board. Typically, new board members are elected by majority vote at the annual HOA meeting.  The average board term is 1-2 years. Board member duties include property management, budgets and conversations with residents, and attendance at board meetings.

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