A total of 47 candidates have filed to run in the municipal utility district board elections within The Woodlands Water agency this year, meaning nine of the agency's 10 MUDs will see a contested race on May 4.

The May 4 election will see 23 seats available among nine boards: The Woodlands MUD No. 1 and Montgomery County MUD Nos. 6, 7, 36, 39, 46, 47, 60 and 67. In 2022, the MUDs saw 22 contested races. The Woodlands Metro Center MUD does not have a contested race this year.

The breakdown

The nine MUDs within the agency are governed by nonpartisan boards, and they are charged with activities such as setting retail and sewer rates as well as levying tax rates.

The wholesale water rate charged to The Woodlands Water MUDs by the San Jacinto River Authority in 2024 for groundwater is $2.78 per 1,000 gallons of treated water, with a $5.65 disposal service rate per 1,000 gallons of raw wastewater received from customers. The retail rate passed on to customers varies according to MUD, according to information on The Woodlands Water website. For example, the base rate for residential customers among The Woodlands Water MUDs ranged from $5 to $9.50, and usage rates per 1,000 gallons of monthly usage also varies.

According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, most municipal utility district powers have the power to:

  • incur debt

  • levy taxes

  • charge for services and adopt rules for those services

  • enter into contracts

  • obtain easements

  • exercise eminent domain

Up for election

Here is a list of the candidates from The Woodlands Water website. An asterisk designates the incumbent.

Municipal Utility District 1 board of directors

Three seats available

Jim Beers

Byron Forbes

Andrew Freeman*

Steve Lawrence

Hartley Mackintosh*

Mindy Reynolds*

Peter Tsai

Municipal Utility District 6 board of directors

Three seats available

Glenn Cox

Patricia Goodpastor

Ronald Kutsche*

Fabian Ros

Deborah Sargeant*

Municipal Utility District 7 board of directors

Two seats available

Emily Britt

Marta Genthon

Don Sarich*

Municipal Utility District 36 board of directors

Three seats available

Pam Fontenot*

Vince Frederick

Kent Maggert

Ken Polk

Murray Smith

Municipal Utility District 39 board of directors

Three seats available

Catherine Allen

Leo Beadle

Kenneth Burks

Chris Dodd

Jennifer Hunter

Keith Lincoln

T. Jim Matthews*

Ronnie Rogers*

Ted Stanley*

Municipal Utility District 46 board of directors

Two seats available

Susanna Cronin

Dedra Ecklund*

George Newman*

Wendy Weisstein

Municipal Utility District 47 board of directors

Three seats available

Laura Norton

Jeanette Price

Brad Reel

Craig Rickard*

Cynthia Ullman*

Municipal Utility District 60 board of directors

Two seats available

Erik Anderson

William Friebel

Paul Schuh

Keith Wagner

Municipal Utility District 67 board of directors

Two seats available

Steve Briggs

Tom Buffa

Larry Copeland*

Stuart Schroeder

John Thaeler
Editor's note: This story was updated to reflect the total number of candidates and available seats.