The Conroe ISD board of trustees received name submissions from the public for new schools coming to the district at the May 14 meeting but did not make a final selection. It also approved a maximum price for a school that was part of the 2023 bond referendum and provided updates on other bond projects.

How we got here

The $1.9 billion bond referendum passed in 2023 included funds for eight new schools.

In the previous April 16 meeting, Director of Communications Sarah Blakelock announced the district would be taking name suggestions from April 17 to May 10 for several of those schools.

The schools needing names are:
  • The Woodlands feeder elementary school opening in August 2025
  • The Oak Ridge and Caney Creek feeder elementary school opening in August 2025
  • A new Conroe-area high school opening in August 2027
The details

In a presentation by Blakelock, the board was given the name suggestions for the schools given by the public, which are now available on the district website.“You’ll have a month to decide; I will send you each a spreadsheet of the names as well as post online,” Blakelock said. “Then in June we’ll be back with some naming options and will vote.”

What else?

The board also approved a guaranteed maximum price of $140.44 million with Ellisor Constructors Inc. for the new seventh, eighth and ninth grade campus project in the Grand Oaks feeder approved in the 2023 bond referendum. The board also approved Nash Industries as the construction manager at-risk for its natatorium renovation project, which was not part of the 2023 bond. The natatorium was the only part of the 2023 bond referendum that did not meet with voter approval.

Easy Foster, the district's planning and construction director, gave the board updates on several other school construction projects:
  • Janet K. Barrett Elementary is on schedule to open this August.
  • Flex No. 24 in is on schedule to open in August 2025.
  • Conroe High School renovations are to be completed in December 2025.