Conroe ISD board of trustees approved five new principals and one new administrative position at the district level at its April 16 meeting.

What to know

CISD Superintendent Curtis Null announced five new principals and the new position:
  • Houser Elementary School: April Tomon
  • Kaufman Elementary School: Kelly Corliss
  • Lamar Elementary School: Alison Brown
  • Ride Elementary School: Laura Collins
  • Wilkinson Elementary School: Laura Bringman
  • Executive director of operations: Mark Murrell
The principals will start in August of the 2024-25 school year.

Going forward

Trustees also approved construction companies for two renovation projects under the 2023 bond.
  • Durotech, Inc. will be the construction manager at risk for the new intermediate school project, called Flex 26, to benefit the Conroe feeder.
  • Marshall Construction Company, Ltd. will be the construction manager at risk for the new elementary school project, called Flex 27, to benefit the Grand Oaks feeder.
The board also approved the return of $18.8 million from the Capital Improvement Program contingency fund to the general fund as it was found the excess funds would not be necessary, Director of Finance Karen Garza said.

In other news

According to the district, with the passing of the 2023 school bond, a total of eight new schools will open and three of them will need new names, including:
  • The Woodlands feeder elementary school opening August 2025
  • The Oak Ridge and Caney Creek feeder elementary schools opening August 2025
  • A new high school opening August 2027
The district will take name suggestions from the public April 17-May 10, and the names will be shared at the June school board meeting.

One more thing

A hearing was held to consider an appeal relating to a prior decision on the book “Lily and Dunkin” by Donna Gephart, and the decision was upheld by the board.

The reconsideration committee’s previous decision was to remove the book from elementary and intermediate school libraries and allow the book to remain in junior high and high school libraries.