Conroe ISD Superintendent Curtis Null gave a presentation to the board of trustees with updates from the district's Bond Planning Committee at a June 6 special meeting. Null said a bond package could reach a potential maximum cost of $1.9 billion, depending on the propositions approved or rejected by the voters.

The outlook

The preliminary bond package described at the June 6 board meeting included five propositions for items such as new schools, new gyms/physical education classrooms, an additional pool facility, a new agricultural barn, and artificial turf for high school baseball and softball fields. According to Null, Proposition A would include only the necessities, while propositions B-E are being considered as additional needs still under debate.
  • Proposition A
    • Eight new schools: $1.07 billion
    • Three campus additions: $90.47 million
    • Five major campus renovations: $132.32 million
    • Twp master plans: $95.79 million
    • Infrastructure: $235.07 million
    • Additional safety items: $35 million
    • Land: $50 million
    • Buses and transportation centers: $22 million
    • Technology infrastructure: $70 million
  • Proposition B
    • Technology devices: $40 million for items left out of previous bond
  • Proposition C
    • New agriculture barn at North County Livestock Facility: $11 million for a barn to service Conroe High School, Caney Creek High School and a new Conroe-area high school
    • An additional $6 million for additions to agriculture facilities
    • Option 1 with eight gyms, PE classrooms: $47.9 million
    • Option 2 with 16 gyms, PE classrooms: $95.9 million
  • Proposition D
    • Pool Option 1 with a 50-meter outdoor pool next to natatorium: $22.9 million
    • Pool Option 2 with a 25-yard indoor practice pool at new Conroe-area high school: $19 million
    • Refurbishing the natatorium: $2.5 million
  • Proposition E
    • Converting natural turf to artificial turf for baseball and softball fields at Conroe, Caney Creek, College Park, Oak Ridge and The Woodlands high schools: $17.5 million

The impact

According to the board presentation, if the potential maximum total is reached, the estimated impact on the tax rate is $0.02. However, the tax rate is expected to decrease in fiscal year 2023-24 by $0.0597 per $100 valuation, according to CISD budget discussions.
  • Average taxable home value: $308,000
  • Estimated tax rate impact: $0.02 per $100 valuation
  • Estimated monthly impact to tax bills: $5.13
  • Estimated annual impact to tax bills: $61.60
  • Tax rate: expected to decrease by $0.0597 in FY 2023-24
  • Projected FY 2023-24 tax rate: $1.0597, down from about $1.11 per $100 valuation
What's next?

The bond committee will review community feedback and elect a spokesperson July 17. The spokesperson will present the final bond package to the board during a special meeting Aug. 6 or during the regularly scheduled board meeting Aug. 8.