Community Impact Newspaper published several guides for residents of The Woodlands area to navigate local attractions, health care, private schools, coffee shops and other offerings in 2021. Here is a look at six of them.

These guides are not comprehensive. Some locations may have closed or changed their operating hours since the original publication of the guides.

Tutoring businesses in The Woodlands

The Woodlands area has a number of locations offering tutoring in school subjects as well as standardized test preparation for children from prekindergarten through college.

Coffee shops and tea rooms in The Woodlands area

The Woodlands area is home to a variety of locally-owned cafes and tea rooms to fulfill patrons’ caffeine needs.

Private schools in The Woodlands area

Private schools in and around The Woodlands offer alternatives to public education for a range of student needs. This guide features schools with grades K-8, K-12 or high schools with a range of special focuses and instruction methods such as Montessori or religion-based schools. This guide reflects information available in early 2021.

Places to visit in The Woodlands area

Originally compiled in early 2021, these locations continue to offer recreation and entertainment. Check with the individual business or location for up-to-date operating hours and requirements.

Services, specializations separate these 11 hospitals in The Woodlands area

The Woodlands area is served by a number of hospitals and medical centers, including several with trauma and neonatal intensive care unit services. This information was compiled in June 2021.

26 senior living and care facilities in The Woodlands

Compiled in December, this guide lists residential options for seniors living in The Woodlands area.