Lone Star College System has started discussions regarding diversity within the college system with a webinar with 1,900 employees, according to information presented during a June 18 board of trustees meeting.

LSCS Chancellor Stephen Head said along with discussing topics such as staff returning to buildings, talks regarding diversity at the college were also held.

"A lot of the discussions were about issues going on in the country," Head said. "We are creating an advisory committee, we've had one on and off, but we need to go back and revisit it."

Head said there will be both an internal and external committee to talk about diversity, inclusion and equity, which hopes to look at reemphasizing employee training with greater diversity in mind. Head added the Lone Star College Police Department training is being examined as well.

"We want to make sure everybody is reminded of what is important," Head said. "Campuses are setting up individual forums."

Head said there will be two major aspects of the discussions, which include messaging and actions that LSCS officials want to take. To better determine actions, Head asked the board of trustees to come back with recommendations at future meetings on how to best proceed.

"I want us to be a model at Lone Star College [System]," Head said. "The discussions we have had so far have been very positive."

No additional action was taken the during the meeting.