The Texas Education Agency released a preliminary set of accountability ratings for school districts and campuses across the state Friday morning based on a new A-F rating system. The system change comes as a result of House Bill 2804, which was passed by the 84th Texas Legislature in 2015.

According to the TEA, the new rating system measures year-over-year district and student performance beyond State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness results. This system will officially be implemented in the 2017-18 academic year, reflecting district and student performance in the 2016-17 academic year. The data released Friday is based on the 2015-16 school year and is intended as a trial run.

"We are always supportive of new ways to share information about our schools, but are concerned that assigning simple letter grades to a complex accountability system may result in misrepresenting actual campus performance and creating confusion for our patrons," CISD Superintendent Don Stockton.
The A-F ratings are a change from the “met standard,” “met alternative standard,” and “improvement required” ratings given to school districts and campuses in previous years.

“The current system is either you make standard or you need improvement," TEA spokesperson DeEtta Culbertson said. "There’s no in-between."
The new rating system looks at four separate domains on a campus and district level.

Domain I looks at student achievement.
Domain II measures student progress, specifically how each student's State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness score compares to the previous year.
Domain III looks at closing achievement gaps. Economically disadvantaged numbers play into this.
Domain IV measures postsecondary readiness. At the high school level, this is based on the graduation rate and the percentage of students who graduate ready for college, career or the military.

Here are the letter grades received in each domain by Conroe ISD as well as each campus in The Woodlands area.

Conroe ISD: B|A|B|C

High schools:
College Park High School: A|B|B|C
Oak Ridge High School: A|B|B|D
The Woodlands High School: A|C|C|C

Junior high schools:
Irons Junior High School: B|B|B|C
Knox Junior High School: A|A|B|C
McCullough Junior High School: A|A|B|B
York Junior High School: B|B|C|B

Intermediate schools:
Collins Intermediate School: A|A|A|B
Cox Intermediate School: A|B|B|B
Mitchell Intermediate School: A|A|C|C
Vogel Intermediate School: B|A|B|C
Wilkerson Intermediate School: B|B|D|D

Elementary schools:
Birnham Woods Elementary School: A|B|B|B
Broadway Elementary School: A|A|A|C
Buckalew Elementary School: A|A|(N/A*)|A
Bush Elementary School: A|A|B|C
David Elementary School: A|B|(N/A)|B
Deretchin Elementary School: A|A|A|A
Ford Elementary School: B|C|B|D
Galatas Elementary School: A|A|(N/A)|A
Glen Loch Elementary School: B|C|B|D
Hailey Elementary School: B|D|B|C
Houser Elementary School: C|F|C|C
Kaufman Elementary School: A|B|B|B
Lamar Elementary School: B|B|B|D
Oak Ridge Elementary School: B|F|A|C
Powell Elementary School: A|C|A|B
Ride Elementary School: A|C|D|B
Snyder Elementary School: A|B|B|B
Tough Elementary School: A|A|A|A

Here are the letter grades for Tomball ISD schools in the Village of Creekside Park in The Woodlands.

Tomball ISD, Creekside Park:
Creekside Forest Elementary: A|A|(N/A)|B
Creekview Elementary: A|A|B|A
Timber Creek Elementary: A|A|(N/A)|A

*Data not available

Additional reporting by Anna Dembowski