Schilleci’s New Orleans Kitchen, a family-owned restaurant, was brought to The Woodlands area by restaurant owners Zachary and Hannah Schilleci in December 2010.

“We wanted to open up something a little more fine dining to really reflect true New Orleans,” Zachary Schilleci said.

The details

Zachary Schilleci previously ran a po’boy, over-the-counter style restaurant with his father and brother. However, in 2010 the Schillecis decided to open a restaurant that fit the New Orleans style they strived for.

The New Orleans cuisine restaurant serves more than Cajun-style food, and includes Louisiana staples and French and Italian influences.

“We do a ton of fresh fish; that's really our bread and butter,” Zachary Schilleci said.

Schilleci’s wine program offers a wide selection of wine, including 800 labels selected by a staff of seven sommeliers.

“I would put our wine selection against anybody in the Greater Houston area,” Zachary Schilleci said.

Zachary Schilleci said the restaurant offers a unique wine selection, and its passionate staff is knowledgeable and prepared to offer wine recommendations that pair adequately with their meal.

“Our staff is all super incredible. They're really the heart and soul of this place. They are here to give you a unique experience you'll never forget,” Zachary Schilleci said.

Schilleci’s offers a cozy French Quarter-style ambiance due to its location in the corner of a building surrounded by other eateries.

“We really wanted it to feel like New Orleans, and I think with some of these big, wide open spaces, it's hard to get that,” Zachary Schilleci said.

Zooming in

Schilleci’s specializes in providing freshly caught fish. including exotic species. All fish are geotagged in order to ensure quality fish from all over the world. Zachary Schilleci said about 95% of the fish served at the restaurant is wild caught.

Some exotic fish served includes pumpkin swordfish and ivory king salmon. Other staples include snappers and halibut.

“But really any of the fish preparations are spectacular. My personal favorite is the pan-seared fresh fish,” Zachary Schilleci said.

The pan-seared fresh fish is topped with scallops, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, walnuts, spinach and lemon butter sauce, and is served with steamed rice.

The restaurant's recipes come from Zachary Schilleci’s father’s side of the family as well as the restaurant chef David Brittain, who has 35 years of experience in the industry.

Schilleci’s ingredients come from local farmer markets, and its honey is sourced from a local beekeeping company in Conroe.

Zachary Schilleci said he hopes to establish Schilleci’s New Orleans Kitchen as a landmark in The Woodlands, and he is excited to see people from all over Houston and neighboring cities such as College Station visit the restaurant.

“We've really modeled ourselves towards that heart and soul of New Orleans where it's not just gimmicky tchotchkes on the wall and overblown decorations like that. We want people to feel like they found a hole in the wall establishment with a French Quarter style,” Zachary Schilleci said.