WDL-2015-12-47-2The s’mores latte at Perfect Blend Bakery is made with two shots of espresso, chocolate and milk. The drink is then topped with marshmallows and drizzled with more chocolate.

Customers ask for the drink during the colder months because it reminds them of being outdoors, Perfect Blend owner Cassandra Kohl said.

“Once it gets cooler, people think about camping out, and they think about roasting marshmallows,” she said. “We did that in Girl Scouts. It was one of our favorite things to do.”

Kohl said the s’mores latte and all of the drinks at Perfect Blend are offered year-round and can be made with whole, 2 percent, soy or almond milk.

Perfect Blend Bakery also offers panini, desserts and cakes. The bakery uses only natural butter and does not use imitation ingredients in its foods, Kohl said.

This holiday season, the bakery is also offering camps for children during which kids have the opportunity to make their own pizzas and crafts for presents.

The local cafe is tucked in the middle of a corridor near Big Lots. Kohl said while the location is easy to miss, word of mouth has ensured customers make the effort to find the bakery.

“People tell us we are the best hidden secret in The Woodlands,” she said.