Montgomery County's active COVID-19 case count has dropped below 6,000 as of Feb. 5, although two more deaths related to the disease have been reported since Feb. 3.

As of Feb. 5, there were 5,516 active COVID-19 cases in the county, according to the Montgomery County Public Health District. The number of active cases has fluctuated between 6,000 and close to 6,500 since Jan. 29, but the drop below 6,000 marks the first time the figure has been below that threshold since mid-December.

The county also surpassed 40,000 cumulative cases this week. A total of 41,310 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in the county as of Feb. 5.

A total of 19,421 resident recoveries had been reported as of Feb. 5. Resident hospitalizations from COVID-19 fell below 60 on Feb. 4 and 5, the lowest daily count reported since Dec. 30.

Two new deaths related to the disease were reported Feb. 5: two Conroe women, one in her 70s and one in her 80s. A total of 223 resident deaths related to the disease have now been reported in the county.

Overall general and ICU bed usage in county hospitals, regardless of patients' residence, dropped slightly Feb. 4-5 as compared with previous days. General hospital bed usage dropped below 170 on those days for the first time since Dec. 25 for confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients, while ICU bed usage for COVID-19 patients shifted between 55 and 59 beds over the same days.