As businesses prepare to open May 1, The Woodlands Water Agency advises care in regard to their water systems.

According to a press release from the agency, state and federal agencies state stagnant water could have formed in pipes, ice machines, water fountains and other devices and as such, should be flushed before opening.

“For our customers whose commercial buildings were closed recently, we want to help them ensure the safety of their building water systems and devices" said James Stinson, The Woodlands Water Agency general manager. "We recommend following state and federal guidance on restarting water systems in commercial buildings.”

The press release states the following steps, recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, should be followed:

  • Develop a comprehensive water management program for your water system and all devices

    that use water.

  • Ensure your water heater is properly maintained and the temperature is correctly set.

  • Flush your system—hot and cold water.

  • Clean all decorative water features, such as fountains.

  • Ensure hot tubs/spas are safe for use.

  • Ensure cooling towers are clean and well-maintained.

  • Ensure safety equipment, including fire sprinkler systems, eye wash stations and safety showers are clean and well-maintained.

  • Maintain your water system and water quality.

The Woodlands Water Agency recently finished flushing fire hydrants across the township to confirm water distribution is flushed and clear.