In an effort to continue to support businesses, The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce is encouraging residents to take pictures of themselves purchasing gift cards at local establishments through a gift card challenge.

The challenge, according to Lauren Joerg, director of marketing and communication for The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce, is meant to inspire other residents to action.

"These small business restaurant and retail owners are the backbone of our community," Joerg said. "These folks are always some of the first to step up when a storm hits, and they go all over the region to feed those who are hungry regardless of payment. It is our turn to have their backs after they’ve had our backs time and time again."

Joerg said there has been a "great response" from the community becoming engaged with the campaign, both participating and sharing it across social media platforms.

"We all want things to go back to normal soon, and if we follow governmental guidelines, it looks like we will get there, from a health perspective," Joerg said. "But it may not include many of your favorite local small businesses on the back end if we don’t step up now to help."

To take part in the gift card challenge, Joerg said, buy a gift card from a local business, take a photo and post it to social media using #giftcardchallenge as the hashtag. Joerg said to also tag The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce on Facebook and Instagram.