A home that was damaged in a fire last October has been officially put on a 90-day demolition notice in Oak Ridge North following the death of the owners and the growth of the property into a public health hazard, according to city officials.

The property, located on Eastwood Lane, sustained a fire that destroyed the garage and caused damage to the main part of the home, according to Director of Community Development John Biesert at the April 10 City Council meeting. The owners of the home died roughly a month after the incident for unrelated reasons, and no action was taken by insurance companies or banks on the home, according to information presented at the meeting.

“When the owners passed away, neither one of them had a will. So it just kind of left the property there, and then there were some family dynamics that got in the way, and they didn't have a heirship,” Biesert said.

Antoinette Miller, the daughter of the former owners, told officials at the meeting she agreed the property should more than likely be demolished, but she said she wanted have time to work with the bank and insurance companies.

“We’re just asking for more time,” Miller said. “The mortgage company would not talk to me. They would not tell me who the insurance company was. They wouldn't correspond with me until I got the heirship.”

According to Miller, the insurance company has now begun performing the inspection and assessment process.

City Attorney Brandon Mooris advised the council they could file the 90-day substandard building notice to the bank and insurance company informing them if they did not begin repairs or demolish the home within 90 days the city would do so.

Miller stated she would be happy with 60 days, but the council agreed 90 days would be better to ensure timely communication between all parties involved.

The only other matter of concern was several cats on and around the property, all but one of which is spayed or neutered, according to Biesert. According to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter, the cats are considered community cats since they are spayed or neutered, and are native to the area, and they would not be taken from the area.