With 21 out of 22 precincts reporting in Montgomery County, incumbent Ritch Wheeler has taken a lead over challenger Gary Henson for mayor of Shenandoah, with 66.79 percent of the vote, or 366 votes. Henson received 33.21 percent of the vote, or 182 votes.

"First and foremost, I'm so proud of the residents tonight," Wheeler said. "They showed up and they spoke loudly, and they said, 'We know Shenandoah's doing great and we know that the city's moving forward, and we are not going to buy into a smear campaign.' And i'm just proud of them for being savvy voters."

Wheeler also said tonight's win is a shared one.

"This isn't just a victory for me," he said. "This is a victory for the residents; this is a victory for the staff; it's a victory for the entire City Council. It was nice for me to see that from the residents."

All results are unofficial until canvassed.