With the intention of celebrating life's happiest moments through personalized design, former kindergarten teacher Jen McDonald created Jen Loves Paper, a modern party supply shop, in 2008.

“I think a lot of Jen Loves Paper is based on my personality. I am very hyper and happy, and I really love celebrating everything,” McDonald said.

What you need to know

After 15 years, Jen Loves Paper has expanded its services to offer not only personalized party supplies, but also services for larger gatherings, stationery, personalized cups, napkins and gifts.

The once online-only party supply store opened its first physical location in The Woodlands on Aug. 5.

McDonald said the personalized touch she chose for Jen Loves Paper sets her business apart from others and gives her the ability to feel more connected with her customers.

“I've always found that I would rather have less customers with a more personal touch than a broader audience that's less personal,” McDonald said.

McDonald offers personalized products providing custom graphic designs for paper and party goods such as cups, napkins, can coolers, stationery, tags and gift wrap. Jen Loves Paper works closely with each customer to provide unique customized products on request. Customers are able to select from multiple colors, themes and styles for their personalized needs.

The backstory

McDonald said she was introduced to design during her time creating lesson plans as a teacher.

“It was all based on the need for personalized instruction for students,” she said.

During her time as a teacher, McDonald began exploring design and photography, acquiring the skills she later needed to pursue her own business.

After six years as an educator, McDonald retired to become a full-time mother, and as she awaited the arrival of her child, she found herself continuing to create designs for children’s needs.

“I would do just about anything that helped a mom either celebrate or personalize something special for their kids, and that's kind of continued on throughout these 15 years,” McDonald said.

McDonald said what started as doodles and designs for her kids’ party celebration invitations as well as close friends in her children’s play groups expanded into Jen Loves Paper.

“I took inspiration from the younger generation,” McDonald said. “I saw many of my friends and fellow moms with small businesses, doing bolder things I felt like I wasn’t capable of doing, and they were years younger than me. And I was really inspired by them; they actually inspired me to open my brick-and-mortar.”

Jen Loves Paper

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