Buy the Book, a preowned bookstore, is celebrating its one-year anniversary Feb. 11. Offering a variety of books, candles, literature-themed book kits and special reading nooks, Buy the Book co-owner Abby Fletcher hopes everyone can find something that interests them in her store.

“My absolute favorite thing to do is get a new reader. So someone that was a reluctant reader that didn't think that they liked it, and then we find that perfect book—that was exactly what they needed to just, like, dive in and then come back,” Fletcher said.

The one-year anniversary will be celebrated at Buy The Book with several events and specials.

“We're having a big party. We're going to have a craft fair as well,” Fletcher said. “So we're going to have a lot of our consignment artists here showing off what they make, stuff like that, because we have so many local artists that sell their stuff here in the store.”

Buy the Book is located at 25162 Grogans Park Drive, The Woodlands. 832-732-5164.