After working at a local dry cleaner for around nine years, Andy’s Cleaners co-founder and President Andy Le said he decided in 2020 to open his own dry cleaning business with his stepfather, Paul Zeck.

Zeck said construction on the site on Robinson Road started around the same time as the coronavirus pandemic began, and two years later, the business has not only survived, but it has also expanded its first location and is in the process of opening a second.

“I always wanted to help Andy do his own shop,” Zeck said. “We just grabbed it up and went to work on it.”

Zeck said he and Le took the first year they were open to get to know their clients and their needs, and the two have worked to focus on efficiency and quality since they got their start.

Expanding services

Zeck said Andy’s Cleaners can handle just about any clothing-related needs, including dry cleaning, traditional laundry and alterations performed in-house.

“No matter what has to be done for a client, we do it here,” Zeck said. “Be that furs, leather, varsity jackets, bridal fittings and dress cleaning, ... we do it all here.”

Zeck added due to increased demand, the on-site alteration department had to be expanded with three full-time tailors now on staff.

“We have maybe eight sewing machines for specialty jobs,” he said. “I hope it is because we set our standards high while maintaining value pricing.”

Zeck added the business has an emphasis on eco-friendly practices with the soaps and solvents used.

“We are on city services with Oak Ridge North,” he said. “We cannot put stuff down the drain that is not the right stuff to put down. It is an option we do not even think about; it is part of the luxury of starting from scratch.”

Andy’s Cleaners will also be adding a second location in the Imperial Oaks shopping center on Rayford Road in the coming months with an anticipated opening in February. The new location aims to be more convenient for the commuters in the area and will feature the business’s signature 24-hour kiosk for customers to pick up their clothing.

“We are excited for it,” Zeck said. “We have a lot of our customers now that come from the Grand Parkway area.”

An efficient focus

According to Zeck, one of the goals for Andy’s Cleaners is to focus on clients’ needs, including cleaning clothes in a timely manner, part of which is attributed to an automated system that was installed when the building was built from the ground up in 2020.

“We work really hard to do the right thing,” he said. “We take care of people the way we want to be taken care of, and we try to be responsive.”

Zeck said if a customer drops off an item by 10 a.m., the garment is guaranteed to be ready by the end of the day.

Andy’s Cleaners uses an automated system for tracking and organizing orders, and customers can experience the system for themselves when picking up their orders at the kiosk. By typing in a code provided by the business when the order is ready, the system automatically sorts and brings the client’s full order to them.

Looking to the future, Zeck said as a business owner he is particularly excited about what Oak Ridge North’s Robinson Road widening and alignment project will bring to the area as it could greatly connect residents of The Woodlands to his and Le’s business.

“We are unique in a lot of ways,” Zeck said. “We are excited about our growth. ... It is going to connect us closer to The Woodlands.”

Andy’s Cleaners

27600 Robinson Road, Oak Ridge North


Hours: Mon.-Fri., 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.,

Sat. 8 a.m.-3 p.m., closed Sun.