When Lori Gasca needed to work outside the distractions in her home, she often found herself in coffee shops. However, frustrated with spotty Wi-Fi, disturbances and the lack of accessibility to office materials, Gasca said she saw the need to create a workspace for local businesswomen.

“I wanted to go somewhere that I really enjoyed being, and so I thought, ‘If I need this, other women need this as well,’” Gasca said.

In August 2019, Gasca opened The Grove Workspace for Women. Recognizing that it can be difficult for women to juggle a business while being a wife and mom, she set out to make The Grove a coworking place where women can build connections, collaborate and see success in their individual professional journeys. “I really wanted to think of all the things that might keep you from being productive in your day if you’re working out of your house and then provide all those answers here,” Gasca said.

After roughly a year of operation, The Grove relocated to a larger space to meet the demand of clients before expanding a second time. Gasca said The Grove offers a workspace for women with roles such as artists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, interior designers and women in work-from-home roles.

“I wanted it to be professional so that you can meet your clients here and feel comfortable [knowing] that you’re going to be bringing them into a space that you’d be proud to bring them to, but I also wanted it to be super comfortable and have some feminine touches,” she said.

The Grove has a large open coworking space as well as furnished private offices that can be rented hourly, daily or permanently.

As a workspace for women, Gasca said The Grove decor is feminine, inviting and comfortable, all while remaining professional.

“Empowering women is my passion,” Gasca said. “I want to be that foundation for women to come here and grow. We’ve had some women come and their business take off, and they leave The Grove to go to a bigger place or have their own location—I love that.”

More than an office

Gasca said The Grove quickly blossomed into a close-knit community of women.

“We have people here who can support her with social media, business coaches who can support her with [human resources] stuff if she needs it, legal [assistance], ... photographers,” Gasca said.

Gasca said the space often hosts business development seminars, monthly educational lunch-ins and “girls’ night out” networking events at local restaurants. The Grove can also be rented for personal- and business-related events.

A networking membership is available for women who do not necessarily need a place to work but want to be a member of The Grove community and benefit from networking events and seminars. Other memberships offer women 24/7 access to the workspace. “I want to create a safe place where people can come [and] we can celebrate them when they do well,” Gasca said. While The Grove has expanded twice since opening in August 2019, Gasca said she is still working on new ways to support local women.

“I like to dream big,” Gasca said. “I believe if your dreams are not scaring you, they’re probably not big enough.”

Gasca also established The Grove online business directory at www.thegrovedirectory.com. Gasca said the directory offers a variety of affordable listing options for women to list their business while allowing customers to support local woman-owned services, products and providers.“By definition, we are a coworking space, ... but it’s more relationship and community-based than anything,” Gasca said.

The Grove Workspace for Women

350 Nursery Road, Ste. 1101, The Woodlands



Visiting hours: Mon.-Thu. 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 9 a.m.-2 p.m., closed Sun. (24/7 access for members)