Amy Martinez, a former oncology nurse of 10 years, started creating charcuterie boards so her cancer patients would have something to eat while undergoing chemotherapy treatments, she said.

“I started making these for my patients—and then it just grew from there,” Martinez said of the boards, which feature arrangements of items such as cheeses, meats and fruit.

She said 2019 she started Grazeables after beginning to receive inquiries about selling the boards. The demand increased during the pandemic, and she moved the operation into a commercial-grade kitchen facility in October 2020. Martinez said Grazeables is the only inspected and permitted charcuterie company in Montgomery County and the only free-standing charcuterie shop in the Houston area.

“When the pandemic hit, everything was shut down, and so it just took off because we were able to kind of be a lifeline to the community,” she said.

Martinez said the business often gives back to the community. During the pandemic, she brought intensive care unit and emergency response staff charcuterie boards to show appreciation.

“We give back a lot,” Martinez said. “Our motto is ‘kindness is free.’”

Boards offered

The family-operated, woman-led business offers boxes, boards and “grazing tables” for events, such as weddings and parties. Grazeables also offers “small bites,” which are personal boards that can be catered to individual tastes. Boards can be customized with themes, such as sports, movies or holidays. Customers can also order charcuterie on a letter- or number-shaped board.

“We have a lot of pride in what we do, and it makes me very proud that these boxes make a huge impact on people because it’s something that they remember,” Martinez said.

She said she can accommodate any dietary restriction, such as pork free, gluten free or vegan. Everything on a Grazeables board is edible, including the flowers and greenery. Martinez said “Paw-cuterie” boards are popular, which are boards for cats and dogs. The boards also include a personal touch, she said.

“We always include a handwritten card,” Martinez said. “That’s a big deal to us so that people feel seen and heard and that they matter.”

Future plans

Grazeables offers orders for pickup, delivery, overnight shipping and walk-ins on select days. Although there is not a browsable storefront, customers can arrange to pick up orders at the company location on Budde Road. In early March, Grazeables launched on EzCater, a corporate catering delivery service app.

“I think that right now, we’re just happy to have survived the pandemic and to be here right now with everything being so crazy,” Martinez said. “I think we’re big enough right now. We stay busy.”


25275 Budde Road, Ste. 4B, The Woodlands


Hours: 8 a.m.-7 p.m. (daily delivery)