When she found the location that would become The Peach Orchard Venue, owner Lara Haddad Guerra said it was love at first sight.

“I was looking for a piece of land, but I did not want a place that did not have character to it,” she said. “When I found it, I pulled up across the street and just stared at it. I called my husband and I became attached right away.”

While working on making the space her own, Haddad Guerra said she learned a lot about the history of the location and wanted to preserve its legacy.

“When I stumbled upon it, I did not know the history of the land,” Haddad Guerra said. “All I knew was that it was gorgeous.”

Keeping history alive

When opening the venue in September 2020, Haddad Guerra said it was important to keep the history of the location alive. She has worked with the previous owner, Rudy Goedecke, who maintained the peach orchard that had been in the area since 1941, to replicate the look of the original barn that had been there.

“Once I found out the history, it became just as important to me to preserve it as well as the peach trees that were already existing,” Haddad Guerra said.

Haddad Guerra said she has kept in close contact with Goedecke, and the two have become very close. She said there are aspects of the family’s original home, including bricks, that have been incorporated into the property.

The Peach Orchard Venue is also adding a ballroom, and the expansion will feature Goedecke family heirlooms. Haddad Guerra said Goedecke’s daughter held the first wedding on the property, and her dress has been donated to be framed in the bridal suite. Goedecke’s Air Force uniform will be on display in the groom’s quarters.

“Rudy still comes and checks in on my peach trees,” Haddad Guerra said. “He loves how much I love his land. Throughout this whole process ... I only cut one tree down, and I made 20 bar-height tables out of it. I hate when developers come and rip the history out of a place.”

Expanding the venue

The ballroom that is currently under construction at The Peach Orchard Venue is around 70% complete. Once completed, the space will be able to accommodate 300 guests or more.

Haddad Guerra said the space also has options for indoor and outdoor events.

“Our layout is very mixed use,” Haddad Guerra said. “The panoramic doors in the ballroom open all the way so you can welcome the outdoors in, our bar has a canopy window that can be opened."

Haddad Guerra said her goal is to become the premier event space in The Woodlands area.

“Quality time is big for me. Seeing the venue get transformed into a space of memory making and joy and people letting their hair down at a time when people are stuck at home and isolated ... I feel we release hope,” Haddad Guerra said. “I believe the land itself feels blessed. I do not ever feel stressed when I am here. It is just a hidden gem you did not even know existed.”
The Peach Orchard Venue

1737 Sawdust Rd, The Woodlands