As third-generation coffee producers, Rachel Lanigan and her husband, Marlon Reyes, opened Third Gen Coffee in June, bringing their Honduran-based coffee to the U.S. for the first time.

“It started with my husband’s grandfather; he had a coffee farm in Honduras,” Lanigan said. “We’ve been growing coffee in Honduras, and we started coffee shops there. We then wanted to expand to [the] U.S. and highlight our coffee and the fact that we are coffee growers.”

Lanigan said Third Gen Coffee offers the highest-quality coffee that highlights the best flavors. Since opening, the shop has been well-received in The Woodlands community.

“It’s a specialty coffee shop,” Lanigan said. “Our coffee is high quality—we’ve grown it from seeds and we take care of plants. It’s reflected in the cup people drink. We try to impart this on our baristas—the work that goes into bringing these coffee beans into the U.S.”

Lanigan said the beans are specifically roasted to best highlight their flavors. The coffee shop specializes in iced coffee drinks, espresso drinks, teas, frappes and also offers food items, such as pastries and sandwiches.

“The most popular drinks are our traditional espresso drinks, such as a latte or a cappuccino,” she said. “Iced coffee is also popular in the summer time.”

In addition to coffee, Lanigan said she and Reyes participate as vendors at the The Woodlands Farmer’s Market at Grogan’s Mill and sell cold-brew coffee there, along with bags of coffee grounds.

“Everyone seems to be receiving us pretty well, in my opinion,” she said. “It’s nice to feel like a part of the community. We’re very happy, and everyone has been very welcoming and seems to enjoy product and service.”

Lanigan said she also wants customers to know whenever they eat and drink at Third Gen Coffee, they are not only supporting the coffee shop but the coffee growers in Honduras as well.

“The Woodlands residents should know why they would choose us,” she said. “It’s not only supporting the local economy and community in The Woodlands but also the community where we grow the coffee. We’re able to pay people fairly who grow the coffee and ensure these people have a livelihood for a long time.”

Coffee specialties

Third Gen Coffee has a variety of hot and iced coffee drinks to choose from.

  • Espresso: Coffee is brewed by forcing a small amount of water under pressure through ground coffee beans.($2.50)

  • Americano: Hot water with an espresso shot is extracted on top of hot water. ($2.75)

  • Cold brew: Coffee is brewed with cold water over a long period of time. ($4)

  • Latte: An espresso-based drink is made with steamed milk and foam. ($3.50)

  • Espresso frappe: Coffee is mixed with a shot of espresso and milk and then blended with ice. ($3.50)

  • Mocha: An espresso-based drink is combined with milk and chocolate. ($4)

25136 Grogans Park Drive, The Woodlands
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7 a.m.-7 p.m.,Sat. 9 a.m.-6 p.m.