Missouri City and Sugar Land could see $28 million in roadway and sidewalk improvements as part of the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s 2025-28 Transportation Improvement Plan, which was announced April 3.

The gist

The proposed TIP is an H-GAC four-year outline of federal- and state-funded transportation projects beginning within the next four years in the Houston region.

The 2025-28 TIP will award $18.77 billion for roadway projects. The project was created by the H-GAC Transportation Council, which is composed of representatives from each county as well as the Texas Department of Transportation, as previously reported by Community Impact. The last TIP was created in 2022 and will last from 2023-26.

The TIP is a part of the H-GAC’s 2045 regional transportation plan, which aims to assess the long-term need and prioritization of Houston-area roadway projects.

The breakdown

Projects in both Missouri City and Sugar Land are set to receive $2.04 million and $26.03 million for transportation projects, respectively.

Here’s a look at what projects are set to happen in Missouri City:

Hwy. 6: $836,095
  • Install a new mast arm traffic signal at Township Lane
Texas Parkway: $1.1 million
  • Replace existing gravel trail with concrete, enhancing access to transit at Independence Boulevard and Missouri City Drive
Various areas: $100,000
  • Engineering/environmental for intelligent transportation system equipment
The city may also see an additional $15.21 million in projects if they are later awarded federal funding, including:

Trammel Fresno Road: $3.78 million
  • Reconstruct and widen the road from two to four lanes from Sienna Parkway to Hwy. 6
Watts Plantation: $1.51 million
  • Extend the two-lane roadway from Knights Road to Hwy. 6
FM 1092/Murphy Road: $9.91 million
  • Reconstruct from four-lane divided roadway to six-lane divided roadway from Cartwright Road to Hwy. 6
Sugar Land is set to receive funding for the city’s trail system as well as some improvements to railroad technology, including:

Sugar Land Trail Phase 1: $11.36 million
  • Construct concrete trail, enhancing access to transit from Matlage Way to Lexington Boulevard
Sugar Land Trail Phase 2: $8.06 million
  • Construct concrete trail, enhancing access to transit from Sugar Land trail Phase 1 to Austin Parkway
Gannoway Lake Trail: $4.59 million
  • Construct concrete trail from Voss Road to Cullinan Park
Hwy. 90A: $2.01 million
  • Engineer and install a railroad monitoring system and dynamic message signs at railroad crossings from Pitts Road to Cravens Road
Melanie Beaman, Sugar Land’s transportation and mobility manager, said in an email the railroad system will help with advance warning of railroad blockages along Hwy. 90A.

“This system is important so that people can avoid the area if blockages occur, and emergency vehicles can take another route so they don’t get stuck,” she said.

Get involved

Community members, governmental agencies and counties now have the opportunity to comment on the proposed 2025-28 TIP projects through April 24. Public comments can be made online through the H-GAC comment portal.

The finalized project list and funding amounts will be announced in May.