Travel routes may see a slight change moving forward as Missouri City adopted speed limit changes Jan. 17 near road sections next to Fort Bend ISD schools.

The affected roads are Sienna Ranch Road near Baines Middle School and Trammel Fresno Road near Hightower High School. The approved changes will see Sienna Ranch Road reduced from 40 mph to 35 mph and the school zone speed reduced from 25 mph to 20 mph along the westbound side. The eastbound speed along Sienna Ranch Road will remain unchanged.

The changes are the result of a speed study which found that a reduction in average speed is necessary to ensure safety, according to a staff report from Missouri City.

“Bringing down the speed limit and subsequently the school speed zone limit will improve traffic operation and safety issues along Sienna Ranch [Road],” the report stated.

In addition, Fort Bend ISD has asked Missouri City to institute a school speed zone along Trammel Fresno Road near Hightower High School, with a speed limit of 25 mph.

All Traffic Solutions conducted a speed study for Sienna Ranch Road between Dec. 21-27 showed an average speed of 39.75 mph, with most of the 32,827 recorded commuters traveling above the 40 mph speed limit and 85% of commuters traveling at 44 mph or lower. The study concluded the existing sign along Sienna Ranch Road was ineffective at enforcing the speed limit for the average 4,689 daily drivers.

A similar study was conducted for Trammel Fresno Road along the eastbound side, which showed more commuters violated the speed limit at a higher rate. The average speed for that section of the roadway was clocked at 42 mph, and 85% of residents were found to be traveling at 47 mph or higher.