Fort Bend ISD has decided to delay the construction of recently named Almeta Crawford High School due to labor and supply shortages brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The district’s 12th high school was originally scheduled to open in the 2022-23 school year; however, the school is now expected to open with grades 9-11 during the 2023-24 school year, according to Anthony Indelicato, chief of staff and collaborative communities.

Indelicato announced the change during a May 10 presentation to the FBISD board of trustees on district facilities.

“We are disappointed by the delay, but labor, distribution and supply chain disruptions due to the pandemic are factors the district cannot control,” Superintendent Charles Dupre said in a video recap of the meeting.

Crawford High School will be located in the southeast portion of the district on FM 521 south of Hwy. 6, near Sienna Parkway, according to district documents. The school will relieve overcrowding and growth and Ridge Point High School.

Additionally, the FBISD School Boundary Oversight Committee will meet later this year to discuss several proposed changes to attendance boundaries as the district continues to add new schools and programs, Indelicato said.

The SBOC will review boundaries for:

  • full implementation of the Early Literacy Center at Ridgemont Elementary School, which will serve all pre-K through 1st-grade students in the Willowridge feeder pattern by 2022-23;

  • Sonal Bhuchar Elementary School in the Riverstone community, scheduled to open in January 2023;

  • Elementary School No. 54, scheduled to open in January 2023 in the Ridge Point feeder pattern;

  • Middle School No. 16, which will serve Hightower High School and Ridge Point High School and open in fall 2024;

  • Crawford High School; and

  • concept boundaries for future Elementary Schools Nos. 55-57, which will all be located in the southeast portion of the district

“We know it’s important both to the board and to our community that they see long-range planning that aligns,” Indelicato said of preparing boundaries for future schools.

Initial boundary recommendations will be brought to the board in September; then the SBOC will work through any proposed changes prior to a public hearing. Finalized attendance boundaries will be presented to the board for approval in January 2022, Indelicato said.