Beginning July 19, Missouri City will begin renovating its City Hall lobby, City Council chambers and second floor vestibule. The project is expected to cost approximately $335,000, according to a May 17 City Council meeting.

According to the May meeting, $30,000 came from the 2021 general obligation fund; $70,000 came from public, educational and government access channel funds and $235,000 came from the city's general fund.

In the City Council chambers, improvements will include upgraded production and presentation technology, improved lighting, new carpeting, seating, fresh paint, new signage and art.

In the City Hall front lobby area, upgrades will include new paint, improved lighting, new seating, visual technology, an updated reception desk and new art.

Vestibule improvements will include new flooring, lighting, seating, fresh paint and refreshing the restroom.

The project will last about four months, during which the areas will be closed to the public. During the closure, the city can still be reached at 281-403-8500.