Wine Vibes, a 4,181-square-foot “micro-winery,” is opening in Missouri City on Feb. 7 in Sienna Crossing, a new development in the Sienna neighborhood.

At the winery, guests will be able to do tastings, bottle wine and design custom labels. According to a news release for the winery opening, the winery will offer bottle sales, bar service, club memberships and bistro style service, as well as event space for weddings and other celebrations.

The concept is owned by three women, Sheri Lawal Price, Phelicia Colvin and Tamesha Hampton, who decided to pursue the project jointly under the name “Wine Vibes Group” and trademarked the name in 2019.

“We said, ‘what can we bring to the suburban community that is typically available in the inner city,’” Price said in an interview. “We did the research and agreed on wine.”

According to Price, the group decided to build a small-scale winery by sourcing ingredients from local farmers and partners.

“We were looking for a proven system like a franchise and found a lot of franchises that are in the industry are not well capitalized,” Price said.

Additionally, Price said the group intends to use the winery as a source of education.

“We want to be able to educate not just women, but minorities and everyone in general on how to make wine,” she said.

Diversity is also a large part of Wine Vibes’ identity. As an all-woman, all-minority group, Price said the company is positioned to offer a unique perspective into the world of winemaking.