Spring ISD improved its overall district accountability rating to a B—earning 81 out of 100 possible points—for the 2021-22 school year, according to scores released by the Texas Education Agency on Aug. 15.

In the 2018-19 school year—the last school year the TEA released accountability ratings—SISD received 78 out of 100 points, or a C rating. Districts were not rated in the state’s A-F accountability rating system for the past two school years due to the impact of COVID-19 on public schools statewide.

“This achievement could not have been possible without exemplary leadership,” SISD Chief of Innovation Matt Pariseau said during a districtwide celebration held Aug. 15. “After taking the helm mid-year, our leader [Superintendent Lupita Hinojosa] assumed total responsibility to make sure that we achieved our strategic objectives, one of which was ensuring that students attend A- and B-rated campuses.”

According to the TEA, the overall district rating measures whether students are ready for the next grade level and how well the district prepares students for success after high school. About one-third of districts statewide earned an A rating, and slightly more than half earned a B. Nearly 10% earned a C, while 2.2% earned a D, and 1.3% earned an F, according to an Aug. 15 news release.

Out of the 37 SISD campuses that received ratings, six earned an A; 22 earned a B; and nine earned a C. The interactive map below shows A campuses in green, B campuses in yellow, C campuses in blue and campuses that are considered “not rated” in purple.

Overall grades are calculated based on performance in three domains: Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing the Gaps. Here is how the district ranked in each domain:

Student Achievement: 68 (Not rated)

  • This rating is based on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness results. Graduation rates and how prepared students are for life after high school are also factored into this rating.

School Progress: 84 (B)

  • This rating is based on how students perform over time, comparing their progress to districts with similar student populations.

Closing the Gaps: 75 (C)

  • This rating is based on the district’s ability to ensure success for all student groups.

For a more in-depth look at how each school performed, visit www.txschools.gov. Here is how each SISD campus was rated overall:

Elementary schools

  • Anderson: 92 (A)

  • Bammel: 84 (B)

  • Beneke: 87 (B)

  • Booker: 82 (B)

  • Burchett: 84 (B)

  • Clark Primary: 79 (C)

  • Cooper: 87 (B)

  • Eickenroht: 87 (B)

  • Heritage: 84 (B)

  • Hirsch: 88 (B)

  • Hoyland: 80 (B)

  • Jenkins: 86 (B)

  • Lewis: 90 (A)

  • Link: 84 (B)

  • Major: 81 (B)

  • Marshall: 87 (B)

  • McNabb: 93 (A)

  • Meyer: 84 (B)

  • Northgate Crossing: 78 (C)

  • Ponderosa: 88 (B)

  • Reynolds: 76 (C)

  • Richey Academy: not rated

  • Salyers: 80 (B)

  • Smith: 83 (B)

  • Thompson: 87 (B)

  • Winship: 88 (B)

Middle schools

  • Bailey: 72 (C)

  • Bammel: 72 (C)

  • Clark Intermediate: 79 (C)

  • Claughton: 76 (C)

  • Dueitt: 65 (Not rated)

  • Roberson: 93 (A)

  • Spring Leadership Academy: 80 (B)

  • Springwoods Village: 71 (C)

  • The School for International Studies at Bammel: 85 (B)

  • Twin Creeks: 81 (B)

  • Wells: 76 (C)

High schools

  • Dekaney: 65 (not rated)

  • Spring: 66 (not rated)

  • Spring Early College Academy: 98 (A)

  • Westfield: 69 (not rated)

  • Wunsche: 92 (A)

Danica Lloyd contributed to this report.