The Texas Education Agency released the 2018-19 accountability ratings for school districts across the state Aug. 15. Spring ISD received a C for the 2018-19 school year, when the district’s student enrollment was 35,348.

The district earned an overall score of 78 points—eight more points than 2017-18.

Out of the 37 SISD campuses that received ratings, four earned an A, eight earned a B, 10 earned a C, eight earned a D and seven earned an F.

Overall grades are calculated based on performance in three domains: Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing the Gaps, according to the TEA. Here is how the district ranked in each domain:

Student Achievement: C
This rating is based on how much students know and are able to do at the end of the school year. SISD earned 72 of 100 possible points—five more points than 2017-18.

School Progress: B
This rating is based on how students perform over time, comparing their progress to similar schools. SISD earned 80 of 100 possible points—nine more points than 2017-18.

Closing the Gaps: C
This rating is based on the performance of different populations of students. SISD earned 72 of 100 possible points—six more points than 2017-18.

For a more in-depth look at how each school performed, visit Here’s how each campus was rated overall:

Elementary Schools
Anderson—71 (C)
Bammel—69 (D)
Beneke—86 (B)
Booker—74 (C)
Burchett—81 (B)
Cooper—85 (B)
Eickenroht—59 (F)
Heritage—89 (B)
Hirsch—69 (D)
Hoyland—62 (D)
Jenkins—67 (D)
Lewis—81 (B)
Link—88 (B)
Marshall—78 (C)
Major—59 (F)
McNabb—92 (A)
Meyer—73 (C)
Northgate—87 (B)
Ponderosa—85 (B)
Reynolds—75 (C)
Salyers—61 (D)
Smith—74 (C)
Thompson—76 (C)
Winship—75 (C)

Intermediate Schools
Clark—63 (D)

Middle Schools
Bailey—56 (F)
Bammel—54 (F)
Claughton—50 (F)
Dueitt—50 (F)
Roberson—91 (A)
Twin Creeks—75 (C)
Wells—55 (F)

High Schools
Dekaney—69 (D)
Spring Early College Academy—98 (A)
Spring—76 (C)
Westfield—68 (D)
Wunsche—90 (A)

Note: Clark Primary and Richey Academy are not listed because they are not rated.