The Spring ISD trustees appointed a new president at their Dec. 14 meeting, following the swearing in of two trustees who were re-elected to the board.

Former board President Rhonda Newhouse nominated trustee Justine Durant for the board president position, and she earned the role in a unanimous vote. Before giving up her presidency, Newhouse thanked Durant.

“Ms. Durant, as my last duty, I would like to pass the gavel over to you,” Newhouse said.

Durant accepted the gavel and led the remaining portion of the meeting.

“I would also like to thank trustee Newhouse for her outstanding service as board president for the board of trustees,” Durant said.

As previously reported by Community Impact Newspaper, Durant has served on the board since 2006 and has an accounting and management background. Newhouse has been a trustee since 2014 and has more than 40 years of experience in education.

Newhouse was selected to serve as assistant board secretary–the position previously held by Durant. Vice President Winford Adams Jr. and Secretary Kelly P. Hodges were chosen to remain in their board roles.

Earlier in the meeting, re-elected trustees Carmen Correa, Position 6, and Natasha McDaniel, Position 7, were sworn in. The two trustees were unopposed in the Nov. 2 election, and therefore the SISD board election was cancelled.