Roughly 25% of the Spring-Klein-area population has been vaccinated as of March 15, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services.

In the nine ZIP codes that comprise the Spring and Klein area, 96,260 people have been vaccinated. This figure represents 26.26% of the area’s population. However, that is still well short of the 80% mark that health experts have said will provide herd immunity.

Overall, Harris County has roughly 18% of its population vaccinated. Statewide, 2.9 million Texans have been fully inoculated.

Groups eligible for the vaccine include the Phase 1A group—health care workers and other first responders; the Phase 1B group—people 16 and older with a health condition that increases risk of COVID-19; the Phase 1C group—people ages 50-64; and education and child care workers.

Correction: The original version of this article had an incorrect headline. It mistakenly said almost 1 million people were vaccinated in the Spring and Klein area, not 100,000.