The state of Texas has seen a marked improvement since the first month of the coronavirus vaccine rollout: Over 2.9 million Texans have been fully inoculated as of March 15, according to Texas Department of State Health Services data.

That figure represents about 13% of Texans over age 16—roughly one of every seven. However, that is still well short of the 70% mark—roughly five of every seven—that health experts have said will provide herd immunity.

County-level performance has varied in the state. Some counties in West Texas appear to have the equivalent of 30%-40% of their 16-plus population inoculated, while the state's largest county, Harris County, has vaccinated the equivalent of about 18%.

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After the first 30 days of the rollout, just over 150,000 people had been fully vaccinated, primarily in the Phase 1A group of health care workers and other first responders, though the state did, in January, become the first in the country to administer 1 million doses. By mid-March, the state had administered almost 8.3 million doses.

On March 15, the state of Texas expanded Phase 1 availability to anyone over age 50 due to anticipated increases in supply, including more doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, according to a DSHS news release.

The state's third-largest allocation of doses thus far—800,000 doses—is expected this week as well.

Residents can search local vaccine sites and supplies using the DSHS vaccine availability dashboard.