Owner strives to build culture, character at Richmond volleyball training facility


Before opening a 30,000-square-foot volleyball training facility off First Oaks Street in Richmond, owner Jay Chae said he had never played volleyball a day in his life.

Texas One Volleyball

Owner Jay Chae said his passion for helping his players succeed is what drives Texas One Volleyball. (via Rebecca Hennes)

“In the beginning, I was involved on just the business side,” Chae said. “But it was not just about business. It was more than that.”

In 2013, Chae invested his entire life savings into Texas One Athletics, a training facility where he runs Texas One Volleyball, a club and development volleyball program. Texas One strives to groom athletes to achieve their goals.

“When I learned about this business it became more than just a business—it was a purpose,” he said. “It was about the kids. Teaching them the right way and making a difference in their lives.”

Aside from development volleyball training classes and a more advanced club program called Volleyball Academy, Texas One offers summer camps that include an all-skills camp, specific skills camp, Texas tots camp and high school and middle school tryout preparation camps. At the moment, only girls are enrolled at the facility, but Chae said he would like to train boys to add more diversity.

After seeking guidance from professionals in the field and scouting the state for the best coaches, Chae said he has worked to create a culture that teaches children how to be respectful, work hard and build character.

“There’s a goal and our job is to help them achieve that goal, however long it takes,” he said.

Chae said in five years he is hopeful his facility will be at maximum capacity, and in another 10 years, he might expand the facility.

“I see so much potential, and I want it to grow old with my young players,” he said. “And then 15-20 years later—if I am retired—I want this organization to continue to exist. I want those players to come back to me and say, ‘Mr. Chae, what you did means so much to me.’”

Texas One Volleyball
1818 First Oaks St., Richmond
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 1-9 p.m. Closed Saturdays and Sundays. Summer hours are tentative and based on camp and club schedules.

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