About $1 million worth of asphalt repairs are expected to start soon around the Sleepy Hollow subdivision in Pearland following City Council approving a contract for the work at its April 22 meeting.

What you need to know

The work will consist of six total repairs across roughly 1.5 miles of road, according to city documents. There will be five streets repaired as part of the package, one of which, Taylor Lane, will have two areas repaired.

With the bid having been approved April 22, work is expected to start in May barring bad weather, Pearland Director of Communications Joshua Lee said. Bid proposals show officials expect the work to take about six weeks to complete.

The work on the road will include restoring a 10-inch depth base with concrete along with a two-inch asphalt overlay, according to city documents. Pavement markings will also be replaced, and the work will include a one-year materials and workmanship warranty.

Diving in deeper

The roads set to be repaired were identified by the city as roads “in critical need of restoration,” according to agenda documents. As part of a road conditions survey carried out in 2023, it was found the pavement condition index, or PCI, of the roads set to be repaired had an average of 37 out of 100, which would be classified as “poor.”

PCI is used to measure the condition of a road, with a higher score meaning better condition, Community Impact previously reported. Roads with a PCI of 85-100, for example, are considered in excellent condition.

According to city documents, the PCIs for each road seeing repairs were:
  • Taylor Lane at a PCI of 59, or fair
  • Washington Irving Drive at a PCI of 38, or poor
  • Hamm Road at a PCI of 15, or very poor
  • Sleepy Hollow Drive at a PCI of 45, or marginal
  • Creekridge Drive at a PCI of 29, or poor
The PCI grades come following a survey carried out by Infrastructure Management Services, which is an infrastructure consulting firm that graded the city’s roads in 2023, Community Impact previously reported. It was found the bulk of the city’s roads were in good, very good or excellent condition.

What else?

Also at the April 22 meeting, Pearland City Council approved a contract for the design of the Longwood Park Drainage Project, totaling about $516,000, according to agenda documents. The project will see a drainage system built to both help maximize the detention abilities of roadside ditches in the subdivision and increase the size of the culverts.

About 60% of plans for the project will be ready by December, documents show, with final designs expected by April 2025. Construction is expected to take about a year once approved.