Candidates in the Pearland City Council Position 4 race and the Pearland ISD board of trustees Position 6 race took part in a debate April 3 facilitated by the Pearland Chamber of Commerce.

For both races, early voting begins April 22 and election day is May 4.

Tony Carbone, an incumbent, is running unopposed for re-election for Pearland City Council Position 2. Crystal Carbone, an incumbent and wife of Tony Carbone, is running unopposed for re-election for PISD board of trustees Position 3. Sean Murphy, an incumbent, is also running unopposed for re-election for PISD board of trustees Position 4.

What they’re saying

The Pearland City Council candidates discussed topics such as engagement, infrastructure and economic development in a 40-minute forum. Clint Bryom, owner of construction firm Brint Inc., is challenging Veronica Longoria, the chief of staff at business consultant firm Alliantgroup, for the Pearland City Council Position 4 race.

Regarding the candidates’ plans for the first 90 days on City Council, Byrom said he wants to focus on infrastructure, and the city’s capital improvement program, or CIP, updates. Longoria said she wants to prioritize the city’s budget.

“I think [infrastructure] is something that’s critically important to our city,” Byrom said. “We've made a lot of strides here in recent years on improving our infrastructure, but we have a long way to go. ... In the first 90 days, I hope to be able to lend my voice to that CIP process to ensure that we are focusing on that infrastructure piece.”

“I don’t feel like the residents have as much transparency, so initially I think my focus would be on budget and transparency and providing residents information as to the construction phases and the bonds that have already been passed—where they are with that and diving into the budget,” Longoria said. “I understand the need to have infrastructure, but the taxation is incredible, and the amount of debt that we’re incurring is incredible as well, so I think my focus would be on the budget.”

In their own words

The PISD board of trustees candidates discussed topics, such as educational philosophies, funding and student outcomes, in a 40-minute forum. Jenny Francis, an Air Force veteran, is challenging Terrence Campbell, a pastor with CarePortal, for the PISD board of trustees Position 6 race.

During the forum, both candidates expressed their support for the district’s upcoming $105 million bond proposal at the May 4 election. They also discussed their definitions of quality public education outcomes.

“I think about ... social development,” Campbell said. “When I was in school, I learned these skills that have served me to this day of learning how to communicate, how to stand before people I don’t know, and I learned those skills at Pearland High School. When we teach our children to look people in the eye, handshake firmly, these are what I call hustle points in our education.”

“Learners and students who are eager and ready to learn, supported by their families in environments that are safe for all learners,” Francis said.

Stay tuned

At the debate, Pearland Chamber of Commerce President Jim Johnson said the full answers to the debate will be posted on the Pearland Chamber of Commerce website soon.