Several school renovations are getting close to wrapping up in Friendswood ISD, while another couple of projects were underway during the Thanksgiving break, according to a district bond update.

What you need to know

Friendswood High School is seeing the final touches put on its Tennis Building, while its culinary and audiovisual studio are scheduled for completion at the end of June, according to the presentation.

The Tennis Building is part of renovations to the school’s competition gym and was scheduled to be ready for move-in by mid-November, according to the presentation. The cost of all those projects was $62.7 million, which was on budget.

Projects at Cline Elementary and Windsong Elementary are also wrapping up with students already back at Windsong, according to the presentation.

At Cline, work included a learning commons area, an innovation lab and tackable wall surfaces, all of which cost $44.6 million, district documents show. Windsong also had new tackable wall surfaces and a new $5.9 million addition to the school as well for fifth graders.

Meanwhile, officials planned to replace a switch gear during the Thanksgiving break at Westwood Elementary, according to the presentation. It was the same for Bales Elementary, which was set to have six air handler units replaced throughout the break as well.

The projects are tied to the district’s 2020 bond.

What else?

While students were away on break, FISD officials also planned to demolish the gym that was the site of the June roof collapse, which killed a construction worker and injured three others.

The plan was for the demolition to take place during Thanksgiving break so students and staff would be away, officials announced in October.

Officials as of Nov. 27 provided no update on the demolition but announced in October the plan was for the gym to be reopened by fall 2024.