A number of 2020 bond projects for Friendswood ISD wrapped up early or on time, but several are still lingering and expected to be done well after the date originally planned for completion, according to district documents.

The gist

Friendswood High School additions, which include the gym construction and the tennis building, were slated to wrap up around May or June of this year, according to district documents.

Those completion dates have been pushed out toward the end of 2023, documents show, with the gym set to be completed Dec. 11 and the tennis building expected to wrap up in early November.

Other renovations at the high school, including the old auditorium as well as the audiovisual studio and culinary classroom, were projected to wrap up originally in December, documents show. That now is slated for May 31.

Additions and renovations at the high school are slated to cost about $62.66 million, according to district documents.

What else?

While officials work toward finishing the high school renovations, several other bond projects have already been completed.

Work at Cline Elementary School wrapped up Aug. 5, and Windsong Elementary work was finished July 27, according to district documents. Total project costs for Cline were $44.6 million, while at Windsong they were $5.9 million, documents show.

At Westwood and Bales elementary schools, work wrapped up in July as well, documents show.

All of the projects included in the district’s Oct. 9 presentation were either on or under budget.

Bales Elementary School, which saw a new space for reading intervention added, among other things, saw work finished at $449,431 under budget, with the project totaling $1.9 million. Westwood, meanwhile, was finished at $1.2 million under budget for a project total of about $1.8 million. The school received a new music room and a relocation of its AV equipment.