Almost two years after the election in question and one previous court decision, a state appeals court has upheld that Friendswood was operating within the law when it asked voters to approve a new sales tax to fund an economic development corporation.

A group of eight Friendswood residents originally filed suit in the Harris County District Court contesting the results of the May 7, 2016, general and special elections that instated two sales taxes.

The original claim was the election should be void because a voting precinct was not included in the election ordinance, some required paperwork was not signed, the election was not ordered at least 78 days in advance in accordance with state law and other allegations, according to previous Community Impact Newspaper reporting.

In November, a judge with the district court dismissed the case under a summary judgment.

The appeals court backed this decision after reviewing two key claims: that the proposition authorizing a sales and use tax did not specifically inform voters that a Type B corporation would be formed to administer funds raised by the tax, and that Friendswood failed to include Harris County Precinct 742 in pre-election ordinances.

On both counts, the state's First District Court of Appeals found that the city acted within the law.