Top story of 2016: Friendswood residents sue city, contest May elections


What we reported A group of eight Friendswood residents filed suit in the Harris County District Court contesting the results of the May general and special elections. The contest attempts to overturn the results of a contested City Council race and two new sales and use taxes. A downtown improvement sales tax was adopted at a rate of one-eighth of one percent. A street maintenance sales tax was also adopted at a rate of three-eighths of 1 percent. Contestants stated in their original petition the election should be void because a voting precinct was not included in the election ordinance, some required paperwork was not signed, the election was not ordered at least 78 days in advance in accordance with state law and a slew of other allegations, according to court documents. One of the contestants, Michael Stacy, lost his bid for re-election by 215 votes to Council Member Carl Gustafson.

The latest In late November, the presiding judge handed down a summary judgment in favor of the city of Friendswood, which denied the election contest and dismissed the case.

What’s next Residents plan to fight the case on appeal, the notice of which was filed just days after a summary judgment was handed down.

Correction: This article incorrectly stated that Michael Stacy was a former Friendswood City Council member. 

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  1. Correction to your article – Mike Stacy has never been on council and therefore is not a “former” council member. Stacy lost his bid against the incumbent, Carl Gustafson in May 2016.

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