KLEIN ISD The Klein ISD board of trustees is considering three different construction timeline options for the building of High School No. 5, a $155 million–$175 million project planned on an 83-acre site on Spring Cypress Road.

Robert Robertson, associate superintendent of facilities for Klein ISD, said by 2017, Klein High School and Klein Oak High School will be approaching 120 percent capacity, the tipping point at which the district constructs new schools to alleviate congestion of existing schools.

The first option—recommended by Superintendent Jim Cain—would allow for $12 million of limited site development in January 2015 before the passage of a possible bond election to fund the bulk of the school in May 2015, Robertson said. If approved by voters, the contractor could begin the day after the bond referendum's approval, and the school could be ready in time for students to move in August 2017.

The second option involves postponing any construction until after the passage of a bond election, Robertson said. However, it could lead to as much as $12 million–$15 million in increased construction costs. The August 2017 completion date would also be more difficult to meet.

"All the contractors I've talked to said this was on the outer edge of being doable," Robertson said. "Twenty-four months to build a high school the size we build, by compressing that schedule, you can only run a couple of shifts and you're at the mercy of mother nature."

The district could also consider a third option, delaying construction completion until August 2018, he said. However, Klein Collins High School would also pass 120 percent of capacity. The delay could also lead to as much as $11 million in additional construction costs and another $500,000–$800,000 may be required for temporary buildings at some high schools.

Robertson said some construction has been done prior to the passage of bond referendums for both Klein Collins and Klein Oak high schools. Judy Rimato, associate superintendent for communications planning, said the Klein ISD board of trustees will vote on which construction plan to chose at a 7 p.m. board meeting May 12.


Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7 p.m.

Board meetings are usually held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

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