Oak Ridge North City Council



The Oak Ridge North City Council meets the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at 27424 Robinson Road.

Terms and compensation

Serving two-year terms for City Council and mayor, City Council members are paid $250 per month while the mayor earns $500 per month.

Big decisions made in 2012

  • Comprehensive plan approved — The City Council approved $124,500 to consultants for a comprehensive plan which examines the city’s use of public spaces, develops a freeway commercial strategy and an economic development strategy. The city has already held a public meting for residents and received residential surveys on what concerns the residents would like addressed.
  • Water storage plan decided — Not only did Oak Ridge North make strides in long term economic development, but also in long term infrastructure. The City Council approved $3.5 million to replace decades old storage tanks capable of holding 630,000 gallons of water with new tanks with a 854,000-gallon capacity. The city will soon bid out the project and construction could begin in 2013.

Top issues for 2013

  • Comprehensive plan groundwork continues — While big changes may not take place in 2013, the City Council will make planning decisions for the 2014 budget. Decisions could include how to address Robinson Road traffic, improve walkability and renovate the city’s parks, as well as how to best rebuild existing homes in the area.
  • Surface water pipeline construction begins — Oak Ridge North will be the recipient of surface water from Lake Conroe as part of the San Jacinto River Authority’s Groundwater Reduction Plan. The city will utilize surface water for 30 percent of its water usage, and the construction of the infrastructure should begin sometime in 2013. The goal of the plan is to reduce the SJRA’s dependance on groundwater by 30 percent by 2016.
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