Woodforest Bank Stadium

Distinctive facility is more than an average gridiron

Conroe ISD's Woodforest Bank Stadium is a distinctive amenity the likes of which few school districts in the state can offer to sports fans. The multipurpose stadium is as technologically advanced as any in the state and essentially professional grade, said stadium designer Ian Powell of PBK Architects.

He said many factors make the stadium distinct, including lighting, the look of the field and facilities and the name.

For example, Powell said, depending on the natural light available or the event at the stadium, the stadium lights can be heightened or lowered, according to necessity. Once the lighting is ideal, the field becomes more visible. But Powell said it is what is under the turf that is so impressive.

"It's a very particular sloping system, set at a very specific angle," Powell said. "It allows the stadium to be playable very rapidly after a long or heavy rain."

CISD Athletic Director Danny Long said the stadium was modeled after Conroe High School's Buddy Moorhead Stadium, the original home field for sports teams from The Woodlands and Oak Ridge High Schools. Like Moorhead, the $49 million Woodforest Bank Stadium can seat 10,000 people. Events such as band competitions, speed camps, ROTC events, soccer games, state lacrosse meets and of course football games, are held year-round at the stadium.

Athletic teams at The Woodlands High School, The Woodlands College Park High School and Oak Ridge High School all compete at Woodforest Bank Stadium.

"It is a tremendous venue," Long said. "We can fit 10,000 people in the stadium, and it is a beautiful facility. The stadium is extremely cost efficient considering three schools use it as their home field."

Michael Knight, a 10-year season ticket holder for The Woodlands Highlander football team, said he is a huge fan of the stadium. He recalled being in awe of the stadium upon seeing it for the first time.

"I remember going to the first game and getting down on my knees and kissing the ground when I walked into the stadium," Knight said. "It was a great experience."

As far as CISD selling the stadium's naming rights to Woodforest Bank, Knight does not see it as a problem.

"I have no issue with it. I think we did well to get some money out of it, and I think the district did a smart thing too with that money; not only is it going back into the district, but they took that money and used the opportunity to do some upgrades to Moorhead Stadium," Knight said.

He said the venue has been a benefit to the community.

"If you see the lights up on there, go buy a ticket," he said. "It's fabulous entertainment. It's just furthered our community."

Woodforest Bank Stadium Facts

  • First game: Aug. 28, 2008; Oak Ridge vs. Caney Creek
  • Cost: $49 million
  • Largest crowd: 10,000-plus, The Woodlands vs. The Woodlands College Park, 2010
  • Number of events annually: More than 175
  • Farthest a team has traveled to play at Woodforest: 500+ miles (Monterrey Tech, Monterrey, Mexico)

Source: Conroe ISD

Woodforest Bank Stadium, 19115 David Memorial Dr. Shenandoah, 936-709-7259